DBC-Pro Driving sample with map route 55

DBC-Pro Driving sample with map route 55

Police Body Worn Cameras aka Officer Body Cameras can provide video recordings in a sequential, non biased expert witness account to administrators or a jury of what happened when a law enforcement officers response to an incident or interacts with the public.This technology is available for Fleet Driver Risk management in the application of Driver Body Worn Cameras.

Driver Body Worn Cameras, in some cases the exact same personal body-worn cameras used by law enforcement officers, and introduces this level of mobile personal worn cameras to the Fleet Driver Risk Management markets, in an effort to reduce risks associated with fleet drivers that are not managed well with in-Vehicle Surveillance Solutions alone.

For the first time what a driver sees and how they interact with a passenger or customer in or outside the vehicle can be documented for use as video evidence to reduce risk, validate claims, dismiss wrongful claims made against your company drivers.

The same high technology body-worn evidence documentation devices can now provide Fleet managers with a high quality video surveillance recording device that can move with the driver inside or outside the vehicle documenting their activities when needed.

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