Armored Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers & VIP Armored SUVа

FLEET-15 SEPT 2010

Serious Fleet Risk Management by African Exports Unlimited

(International acquisition and transport of theseа Mil Spec REVA Land Mine Resistant vehicles requires appropriate licensing and permits.аEnd User Certificates, DCAC Exportаpermission and other license and import restrictions may apply.а
AEU is authorized in assisting permits for end users who qualify, armored Civilian vehicles do not require permits)

When lives are at stake demand the #1 name in "Special Task" Armored Personnel Carriers & Armored vehicles. Trust your assets to the Best Value Vehicle Risk Management Solutions from African Exports Unlimited, аInternational leaders in transport risk management and hi-value asset protection. Very fewа"Special Task" transport solutions can resist a land mine, fewer still have a proven record of survivability in active theatres of war like Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.

What performs well in a showroom may not save lives in the field, and the wrong time to learn of a products weaknesses is after they have been exposed in a hostile incident. Extensive bomb and penetration testing + hundreds of active incedent exposures аhelp insure that the valued assets depending on our products are not let down when everything else goes wrong.

The singular best reason to invest in the high quality аarmored vehicle solutions offered by AEU, is to insure your personnel and hi-value assets can survive in a very hostile environment, based on that solutions proven performance!

REVA APCs Armored Personnel Carriers
Armored Vehicle Solutions Soft Skin SUV conversions
Armored Vehicle Solutions Clinets



AEU is a specialized supplier of armored & Riot Control vehicles, аassociated vehicle equipment, as well as armored personnel carriers normally supplying Mil Spec armored vehicles & equipment ex RSA can now OFFER ARMORED VEHICLES AND PERSONNEL CARRIERS DIRECT FROM UAE at exceptionally good prices due to factory being in DUTY FREE zone, fast delivery due to stock availability & very high standard of workmanship due to company being owned & run by ex-pats with in depth armoring expertise. New & Factory re -manufactured Mil Spec Armored Vehicles, Soft Skin Mil Spec Trucks in 4x4 & 6x6, Riot Control Vehicles & Equipment, armored Security & CIT Vehicles ex RSA, Ballistic & Riot Equipment + Pepper crowd control systems etc

Armored Vehicles Direct From UAE duty Free
UAE armor specializes in armoring vehicles ranging from SUVs to trucks and heavy equipment including air assets. Offering a wide range of armor upgrades from low profile SUVs to trucks and busses, with IED options on certain vehicles. Additionally UAE offers upgrade and refurbishment for larger no longer meeting required threat level protection levels, with specialization in:

Mercedes &
IVECO Trucksа

African Exports Unlimited represents UAEA Armor based in United Arab Emiratesа
They specialize in armoring a variety of platforms ranging from SUVs to trucks and heavy equipment,аSPECIALIZING in TOYOTAs, including air assets. UAEA delivers 25 armored vehicles per month. All our vehicles are battle proven in the Iraq , Africa & Afghanistan. Our clients include:: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Private Security Organizations/Providers, International DefMin Departments, Government Agencies & Financial Organizations, Major Mining Groups

Our Clients are based in:аIraq , Afghanistan , Africa , Europe ,а well as Major Mining and Security companies world wide.

Products & Services Provided by African Exports Unlimited include:
AEU, manufactures speciality armored vehicles for a wide range of applications including :
Armor equipping conventional luxury vehicles cars and trucksа
VIP & Executive Luxury vehicles
Medical service vehicles such as Armored Ambulancesа
Tactical Command and Tactical Response vehiclesа
Crowd Control mace and water vehicles
Armored Personnel Carriers of many different configurations
Special response vehicles


A full range of platforms and products are:
Buses including. Grenade & Bullet resistant
Tucks including. Grenade & Bullet resistant
Armored Personnel Carriersа
Air Assets

Peripheral vehicle enhancement include the following:
IED Jammers and Security Equipment
Ballistic blankets
'NIMBUS' Screening
Ancillary systems (Hooters, Sirens, Lights etc)
Emergency Medical Vehicles and equipment
Vehicle Emergency tool kits
Run-flat tire systems


Please note;

American Bus Video Inc. staff is not аinvolved with the sale, qualification or transfer process of the products depicted or described on this page. This is a virtual gateway connecting those who are interested in Armored Vehicle Personnel Carriers and hi-value MIL Spec asset protection during transport and those who can provide them with the clear understanding that аInternational acquisition and transport of these vehicles requires appropriate licensing and permits.аEnd User Certificates, DCAC Exportаpermission and other license and import restrictions may apply.аAEU is authorized in assisting permits for end users who qualify. No guarantee of eligibility are expressed or implied.а

Details solely provided by AEU representatives via e-mail response,а
Absolutely no information will be provided byаAmerican Bus Video Inc. staff.а

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