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Driver Risk & Safety

Driver risk, are those factors that could adversely influence or hinder the safe operation and efficient transportation services performed by the driver for their company.  Some aspects are intrinsic to the transport process permitting little marginal gains in those areas, others are fleet driver safety related.

The following links relate to Driver Risk Management as it applies to the Fleet Driver industries.

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Digital Mobile Video Solutions Links:

Digital Mobile Video Application Links:

School Bus Student / Child Safety Digital Video Witness Surveillance Camera High Definition Recorders

Limousine VIP Executive Transport Surveillance Digital Witness Solution

Taxi Cab Shuttle Transit Onboard Expert Digital Witness Safety Camera

Special Needs Child Transport Bus Video Observation Camera Recorder DVR Solutions

Waste Collection Safety Surveillance Digital Expert Witness Camera

Paratransit Passenger Safety Observation High Definition Video Digital Witness DVR Surveillance Solution

Transportation Ministry Youth Group Activities Church Bus Vision Safety Camera Recording System

Stop Arm Camera License Plate Capture Crossing Gate Camera Solution

Student Charter or Contractor School Bus or Transit Bus 360 Fisheye Ceiling Camera

Bus Seat Vandalism Documentation & Deterrence Surveillance 360 Ceiling Camera System

 Elderly Day Care Shuttle Liability Surveillance Camera Recorder & Assisted Living Transportation Digital Witness DVR

Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Transportation Child Surveillance Cameras & DVR

Industrial Forklift Truck, Boom, Crane, Order Picker, Pallet Truck Operator Vision Safety Camera System Recorder

Police Prisoner Inmate In-Custody Transport Surveillance Expert Witness Camera

CS1 Spotter Yard Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer Switcher Camera Pin Lock Documentation Recorder

Powered Industrial Truck Forklift Skid Pallet Wheel Loader Operator Safety Camera Digital High Definition Video Recorder

Private Service Student Contractor Charter Bus Child Safety HD Video Camera System Compliance

Wireless Tractor, Crane, Mining Equipment or Forklift Battery Magnetic Camera

Wireless Industrial Truck Forklift Blade Mounted Magnetic Camera

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