Mobile Video System Use Requirements

Basic PC Skills Are Required
The Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR) we provide operate on a PC program viewer program called a Graphical User Interface or GUI. These programs have been designed to be intuitive and require no formal training to operate the program, as long as the user possesses basic PC skills. This is where some problems with PC skills begin for some who are not well versed in the use of their district or company computers. Use of these GUI aka Video Player programs are predicated on the assumption/requirement that the customer of this high tech video file management tool has authorized personnel who will be operating this program who are competent with the basic operation of their own company PCs. Companies lacking a trained PC competent authorized user for this system will need to have their designated persons trained on the basic use of their company PC prior to using this product, as lack of basic PC operation skills and use could compromise the integrity of the product application, the video files and possibly their admissibility as evidence in a court litigation procedure.

The manufacturer and their representatives are not responsible, licensed or certified to train users of this program on the basic functions of a customer or company’s own company PCs.
ABV does not have the resources required to teach customers how to operate their PCs to a degree that they may then operate programs running on them. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn how to operate their own PC before implementing a product that requires operation on their PC.
Simply stated; if the intended customer system operator is incapable of downloading files from the internet, opening programs, running or executing application files, cannot download Media Player Program codec plug-ins, cannot save a file, cannot transfer a file or browse for a file, nor make a screen capture of the program viewer GUI, cannot send a saved file by e-mail, cannot save a file to a portable digital storage device, then you are not ready for a digital vehicle surveillance system. Basic PC skills are a requirement of all who intend to operate these products.

Cellular CMS Server Hosting is Required for all Cellular Functions
Those customers investing in 3G/4G Cellular based systems such as the SD4C, SD4HC, FHD4C will require Cellular CMS Server Hosting in order to access Live View, Live GPS Tracking, Event Trigger Alerts, Alarm Trigger Alerts, Geo-Fence functions, GPS History functions and all other cellular based features or derivatives of them.

Special Notice Regarding Wi-Fi CMS Network Systems Only
Those customers incorporating the Wi-Fi Central Management Software into their mobile video application must have in-house a Network Administrator with at least the training and certification of Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) to install, setup, configure or operate the higher functions of the program capabilities as they require access to your Wi-Fi network and your mail server. It is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to provide competent certified network administration for installation, setup, and maintenance of the network.ABV provides no Wi-Fi CMS server installation support, no Wi-Fi CMS server setup support, no training and no technical expertise in the use or operations of any customer Wi-Fi network, or CMS software program provided for use on said network.

In simple terms, if you do not have a competent in house Network Administrator with at least the training and certification of Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) who will be installing the Wi-Fi CMS, setting up the Wi-Fi CMS, operating the Wi-Fi CMS program who are competent with the operation of their own company Wi-Fi network and mail server networks, then you should not be purchasing the Wi-Fi Network driven module for the SD4mX & SD4mXC systems.

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