Fleet Driver Body Wearable Cameras

Police Body Cameras aka Wearable Camera
for High Risk Driver Applications

Police Body Cameras or personal cameras for law enforcement officers, have been in use for many years documenting video evidence of crimes and law enforcement responses to civil or criminal violations through the use of body worn video recording cameras. Police Body Cameras aka Officer Body Cameras can provide video recordings in a sequential, non biased expert witness account to administrators or a jury of what happened when a law enforcement officers response to an incident or interacts with the public.аPolice Body Cameras worn by law enforcement officers are a reasonable response to a often untenable situation an officer may find themselves in. Law Enforcement officers are often the only thing standing between a civilized society а and anarchy. Police Body Camerasаworn by law enforcement officersаcan provide expert witnesses to dispute false accounts of those who are biased, have and agenda to promote, or are looking to retire on a lawsuit settlements. а

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Driver Body Cameras aka Wearable Camera for Drivers

Driver Body Cameras provides Police Body Worn Camera, in some cases the exact same personal body cameras worn by law enforcement officers, with the exception of a custom programming change to permit the cameras to operate in a unique way to accomidate the Fleet Driver Risk Management applications they are markeeted for, and introduces this level of mobile personal worn cameras to the Fleet Driver Risk Management markets, in an effort to reduce risks associated with fleet drivers that are not managed well with in-Vehicle Surveillance Solutions alone.аFor the first time what a driver sees and how they interact with a passenger or customer in or outside the vehicle can be documented for use as video evidence to reduce risk, validate claims, dismiss wrongful claims made against your company drivers.

Protect your School Bus or Fleet Drivers with Driver Body Worn Cameras that can help protect them from personal risk that can damage a drivers reputation, cause loss of work, loss of license or criminal charges.

Protect your School District or Company with Driver Body Worn Cameras that can help protect from liability lawsuits and wrongful claims made that can damage School District or company reputation and jeopardize assets from those who will bear false witness and deceive in order to get a fat settlement.

Driver Body Camera For High Risk Applications w/GPS Pricing:
64GB Built in memory storage, 8+ hour record time rechargeable battery life, 140 Degree Field of View, Night Vision IR LEDs, Red Laser designator, Full High Definition Images 1920x1080, а5 Megapixel Images, 2” TFT-LCD High Resolution display, High Technology Ambarella A7L50 Processor chip.аPricing dependent on quantity or terms, Site Terms of Use apply.
Professional Features also include;
аBuilt in GPS for: Location, Course, Altitude & Speed, Dash Module for use as a Dash Cameraа
… HD 1080p GPS Driver Body Camera /аPolice Body Cameraаpersonal recording system а$330 - $430

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Fleet DriversаCan Also Benifit From Police Body Camera Technology
for High Risk Driver Services In & Outside of The Vehicle а

High Risk services & high liability factivities are often part of a drivers work related duties, and many of them take place outside the vehicle, where a vehicle mounted surveillance system cannot document what may have actually happened in a dispute between parties. Driver body-worn cameras like officer worn personal on-body cameras can document what happened when eyewitness opinions vary wildly. а а

DBC Standard Driver body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Rear Lift Down 2DBC Standard Driver on-body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Wheelchair SecuredDBC Standard Driver body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Front Lift LoadingDBC Standard Driver on-body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Rear Van Lift 2DBC Standard Driver body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Wheelchair vanDBC Standard Driver body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Side Lift gate loadingDBC Standard Driver body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Rear Bus Lift droppingDBC Standard Driver body worn personal video recorder police body camera sample screenshot Rear Side Bus Lift

Unlike most police body wearable cameras, the DBC-Pro Driver Body Camera can be used in a dash mounted charging stand that will permit the personal body worn surveillance camera to be used a s a forward facing accident camera when not service as a driver body camera or officer wearable personal camera. This provides a few advantages for fleet driver operations, as now the GPS equipped DVR can document; vehicle speed, mapping route, mapping start and finish to document what actually happened when the driver is away from the office. Video recordings from personal wearable body-camera can be High Definition for extremely clear images, as shown below.

Because police officer body worn camera technology calls for Full HD1080pаresolution, Driver Body Worn Surveillance Cameras benefit from those extremely high image resolution cameras to provide personal wearable cameras capable of extremely high resolution. Unlikeаmost vehicles recording systems HD images can be enlarged before considerable image resolution loss.

Areas Where Driver Safety Body Cameras Can Help:

Pre Drive Safety Check - Often a vehicle safety check is required by company policy or mandated before school bus or commercial vehicle is driven. This safety check can now be documented with the Driver Safety Body Worn Personal Camera in case claims are made that the vehicle was not safe to operate on the road, missing lights, no strobe, no Stop Arm, under inflated tires or other safety violation.а

Wheel Chair Lift Operation - While interior cameras inside a school bus or paratransit vehicle may document the inside view of the lift operation, some situations or incidents may occur where it would be helpful to capture the operation from the outside on aаDriver Safety Body Worn Personal Cameraа While rare, occurrences of those being lifted removing the safety straps themselves that secure their chair to the lift have caused falls directly resulting them their own actions that targeting driver lift failure ended up in large settlements in order to avoid court jury litigation.

Special Needs Passengers - Often they will require straps to secure them into their seats for transport, and some strap applications require a driver to push or pull straps between their legs and under crotch areas. Those of diminished mental facilities or under pharmaceutical medication may miss-interrupt perceived privacy violations, sexual abuse during this operation. TheаDriver Safety Body Worn Personal Cameraаcan provide much more detailed video evidence from the drivers point off view that cameras in the vehicle cannot provide.

Special Needs Passenger To Door - Are often assisted by the driver to their door which outside the vehicle is no longer documented by the School Bus or Transit vehicle surveillance system.а Claims made regarding to door service cannot be substantiated or refuted when the driver leaves the vehicle as the vehicle mounted surveillance system focus on in vehicle events.аDriver Safety Body Worn Personal Camera can document what happens or does not.

On Site Service Applications - Service Companies like pest control, lawn care, pool service all involve quick stops and checks or service on many locations a day and often the customer may not notice the service person has stopped by. In some cases a simple note will be left to let them know your lawn was treated, or your site was provided a pest control application. Often the customer will claim the driver did not provide the service requiring a return trip to provide the customer piece of mind that the company is reputable and the driver did the right service.аThe Driver Body Camera can provide video surveillance and documentation of on site service process outside the customer site with images video both time stamped for verification if needed.

On Site Pickup - Courier pickup of documents or product can be better documented with the use of the Driver Body Camera, as it will show who was interacted with and document any verbal interaction or instructions that may be important or overlooked and can then later be referred to. The Driver Body Camera provides an added level of security and evidence documentation in case of problems claimed or experienced as a result of the transaction.

Security Officers - Similar functions of Police Body Camera performing motor and foot patrols can better document out of vehicle activities, interactions with others while documenting the process and details that might be overlooked at the time and later become essential in resolving liability litigation claims of wrongful action or activities. а

Auto, Boatа & Aircraft Repossession - The Driver Safety Body Camera can document the often very heated exchanges and interactions between those charged with reacquisition of property when a lease defaults or refuses to pay for a luxury product.а

The above application examples are just a sample of how cameras worn by drivers or officer body cameras can provide expert witness documentation of claims made that are often without third party witness and often difficult to resolve what really happened.а

Regardless of the specific application when drivers perform their duties in the proper manor the Driver Body Camera personal surveillance recorder can support their actions and provide verifiable video evidence that can confirm or refute allegations made against them.

DBC-Pro Video Sample Clips

Regarding the DBC-Pro Video Sample Clips

Video Samples are Exported from the EPlayer Video Player application dedicated for the system.аExported samples will not have the GPS Mapping, Vehicle Speeds, Speeds Charting, Location or Compass Heading, so all you are seeing is the actual video file in a very streamlined form.аFull High Definition 1920x1080 recorders like the DBC-Pro provides High Definition images creating very large video files. The size of most sample videos will far exceed what can be quickly downloaded or viewed, so we have added a couple very small files for faster viewing. аThis tiny sample file will take abpout 30 seconds to load depending on your Internet download speed.
Sample Clip of DBC-Pro with Dash Camera mount for use as HD vehicle camera. This file is about 16M

Fleet Driver Body Worn Cameras / Police Officer Body Worn Camera Gallery

Why Invest In a Driver Body Camera Safety System?а

Can Act As Expert Witness:
Documentation of child & driver incident of the actions and or statements made without bias, prejudice or outside influence. Recorded video evidence has and can be used in court as long as legal guidelines and access controls are maintained.а

Can Overcome Perspective Bias;
Driver Body Cameras provides a means to verify or dismiss actions and events that may be claimed by children, parents or others who may be responding to incorrect information, lies, slander or false perceptions on what might have happened on or off the bus involving the bus driver and others.а

Can Prove A Negative or Non-Event;
Driver Body Cameras Document events, actions or lack of them, can help defend your driver, students, school administration or school system against liability lawsuits. One of the most damaging to a persons reputation and hardest to defend against can be malicious, baseless or unfounded accusation against a person in authority by someone they are charged to protect. A single false claim that a driver sexually molested, fondled or made lewd, derogatory suggestive comments to a child on or off the bus can destroy a driver's ability to work around children. It is impossible to prove something did not happen between 2 individuals when there is no evidence, witnesses or confession. Driver Body Cameras can provide impartial documentation to help resolve complaints or concerns between drivers and passengers on and off the bus.

Can Help Criminal Documentation For Prosecution;
Just as a Police Body Camera is often used to provide criminal violations, Driver Body Cameras can document drivers responses in incidents of; aggravated assault, assault, rape, sexual assault, assault, hate crimes, bulling, terrorist threats, for legal prostitution of the perpetrator in defense of the victim. The best evidence in court is often video file of the incident from a Police Body Camera or in fleet driver applications a Driver Body Cameras as it is impartial.

Can Provide Piece of Mind,
Just as a Police Body Worn Cameras are recommended to help prove officer adherence to lawful excursive of their police authority during interactions with the public, Driver Body Cameras can likewise provide piece of mind for fleet driver related operations in knowing you have taken positive public and verifiable steps to document driver passenger or public interactions to help insure drivers actions are lawful and false claims made against them are refutable by video evidence of driver interactions.

In light of many horrific accounts of drivers accused by passengers of inappropriate or criminal activities that would cost them their jobs, their freedom and their companies massive exposure to risk of liability lawsuits had the school districts or companies not had our systems in operation to quickly refute the false claims. The problem is we cannot protect drivers from false accusations with conventional bus video systems in incidents or claims of actions are outside the bus. What is needed is a mobile camera that can concentrate on what the driver sees and how they interact with the children / passengers.а

Just as a Police Body Worn Cameras are incorporated to document interactions with the public, Driver Body Worn Cameras can likewise provide detailed documentation of driver passenger interaction on and off the vehicle.

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