Casino Shuttle Bus Vandalism Surveillance Camera Benefits

Casino Benefits
“SD4HW” Mobile Video Surveillance Solution

Adding SD4HW Mobile Video Surveillance in Casino customer transport vehicles can help reduce operating costs due to vandalism, can help reduce driver accidents, can help insure that those customers picked up and transported to the Casino feel secure, safe and are not bothered by those who may have suffered losses.

Potential Casino Transportation Risk Overview

The risks associated with the transportation of Casino customers to and from the Casino, are much greater that those of other transportation markets. The threats and potential losses to the Casino from vandalism, and loss of customer satisfaction are much greater than in other industries.

Many accept the responsibility and potential losses involved in games of chance, only to become hostile, abusive, and vindictive to the Casino they may blame for their poor performance in the Casino.

Those who have studied Human Nature, and Deviant Behavior, can predict that a percentage of these “sore losers” will try to hurt the Casino in some childish and often unlawful manor, trying to damage the bus that is taking them back from the Casino.

The worst part about their bad behavior is that it can encourage other “good customers” to participate in this unlawful vandalism in a pack mentality greatly increasing the risk or damage and loss to the Casino.

Even if they are not successful encouraging others to damage the Casino vehicle, they may simply make others riding in the vehicle uncomfortable, or fear for their safety with aggressive potentially intoxicated individuals inciting violence.

Providing a pleasant and safe Casino experience is important to get return customers coming back for more Casino fun.

Video surveillance on the Casino buses or shuttles that pick up and return Casino customers can help reduce the Casino operating costs, reduce vandalism, and passenger related problems.

This is where the SD4HW can help save your Casino from unnecessary losses and reduce the risk involved with a return trip of those who may be looking for a way to inflict some losses to the Casino.

Adding mobile video to Casino shuttle vehicles can help document problems, can help reduce operating costs due to vandalism, can help reduce driver accidents, can insure that those customers visiting the Casino feel secure, safe and are not bothered by those who may have suffered losses.

Passenger related issues and problems are documented, for use by the Casino management for Tribal Hearings, Tribal Review, Tribal Court, or the Tribal Council authority to pass on to outside law enforcement authorities.

What can the "SD4HW” do for your Casino Transport Fleet?

The presences of an in vehicle surveillance system can document and help reduce:
  • Vandalism causing damage to expensive and hard to replaces seat covers, 
  • Vandalism or graffiti to windows and bus interior increasing costs to maintain vehicles,
  • Arguments or unruly behavior with drivers causing potential driving related accidents,
  • Arguments or fights with other passengers losing those future customers business, 

Passenger Risk Issues
Unmanaged Passenger Risk can also cause massive realized losses with unnecessary liability to passenger transportation Casinos. It is vital to document problems, identify their cause, review any intervention and the end results in a worse case scenario, or successful passenger situation resolution to provide invaluable information and evidence that can be reviewed and possibly used to improve the awareness or ability of the driver in resolving similar problems in the future. Unwanted Casino Passenger Behaviors Documented:
    * Fights Between Passengers on Casino vehicles
    * Civil or Criminal Violations of Law on the Casino vehicle
    * Drug Use, Sale or Distribution on Casino vehicle
    * Vehicle Vandalism, Cutting Seats, Graffiti on Casino vehicle
    * Throwing Items Out Windows on Casino vehicle
    * Sexual Acts With or Without Consent on Casino vehicle
    * Assaults or Abuse Towards The Driver by Drunk Gamblers
    * Encouraging others to abuse the Casino vehicle or vandalize it
    * Making other Casino passengers feel cheated by the Casino reducing their activities there

Driver Risk Issues
Unmanaged Driver Risk can cause massive realized losses with unnecessary liability in an otherwise healthy and thriving Casino. Far too often we see news reports of undisciplined, unprofessional drivers causing accidents, while sending text messages on their cell phones or Blackberries, when they should be concentrating on driving their vehicles. This form of Driver Risk is a direct result of dangerous driver behavior and poor choices both of which in many cases are 100% preventable if the driver learns to recognizes the dangers and agrees not to do these distracting things while driving company vehicles.

Highlight Dangerous Driving Behaviors Before An Accident

  • Documents what happens in front of vehicle, can document head on collisions, or following too closely
  • Documents Speeding, GPS On Screen Mapping shows you what road they are on and speed limit signs
  • Documents Running Red Lights & Stop Signs, are they really stopping or just rolling on through
  • Documents Failure to Stop At Railroad Crossings, verify if crossing arms were working in an accident
  • Documents Dangerous Turns (high speeds that can cause loss of control and rollover of vehicle)
  • Documents Vehicle Impacts For Accident Claim Disputes (both front rear or side impact)
  • Documents Drinking, Eating, Sending Text Messages, Cell Phone Use  (all can contribute to accidents)
  • Documents Driver Assaults, Can Aid In Prosecution (cameras offer deterrence to crime)
  • Documents In-Vehicle Driver Passenger Interaction (records A&V of arguments, threats, abuse)
Oversight To Insure Company Policy & Risk Prevention

  • Does the driver text on a phone when they are driving?
  • Does the driver pickup hitchhikers?
  • Does the driver have unauthorized passengers in the vehicle?
  • Did the driver stay on route or wander all over the place?
  • Did the driver make personal trips in the vehicle?
  • Was the vehicle used on weekends for unauthorized trips?
  • Where the vehicle is parked during the day and nights?
Diligent and committed oversight by management is essential to enable this system reach it's full potential in enhancing driver safety and reduction in passenger risk related problems for the Casino. Should management not exhibit following through on their oversight of this system, then it is unrealistic to expect the drivers to follow suite as should management not care about safety and reduction in passenger risk related problems, then why should they.
Too often large Casinos suffer great losses in damaged vehicles, additional labor, warranty claims, accidents or efficiency due to unlawful acts of vandalism against the Casino transport vehicles by those who may blame their gambling losses on the Casino and not accept any responsibility for their actions.
Our goal is to provide a verifiable mechanism that can actively alert and encourage potential problem passengers to be more responsible, respectful of the laws, less problematic, more conscious of their video recorded behaviors and not a risk to the Casino.
 It is our hope that with the support and oversight of management, most passengers who exhibit dangerous or unlawful behaviors, can be reminded with warning decals and by the drivers:  “For your safety and security, this vehicle has a video surveillance system in use” recording what occurs on the vehicle.

Casino Shuttle Bus Vandalism Surveillance Camera Benefits