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For at least 30 years mobile video vehicle video recording systems incorporated in a wide range of applications in-vehicle passenger transportation, in-truck or onboard heavy duty commercial transit bus application protecting passengers, drivers and documenting activities for driver risk liability protection or verification of service objectives.

Digital School Bus Camera Systems may differ slightly from onboard Video Event Data Recorder systems it is the application that defines their specific requirements more than the device. аCameras size, shape and configuration in these application specific employments can enhance the proper integration in those caring application environments.

Choose your Application from the below:

Students with Disabilities Transit Surveillance & Special Needs Transportation Camera

Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation

School Bus Surveillance and Stop Arm Camera

Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Bus Security Camera

Prisoner Inmate Transportation Security Surveillance Camera

Transportation Ministry & Church Youth Activities

Transit Bus Surveillance System

Taxi & Limousine Video Camera Suveillance System

Non-Emergency Medical Transit Camera System

Waste Management Truck Surveillance Camera System

American Bus Video Camera Solutionsа а а а а а а аSchool Bus Camera Security Camerasа а а а а а ааVehicle Video Camerasа а а а

Armored Vehicle Surveillanceа а а ааTransit Bus Cameraа а а ааTaxi Cabа& Limousine Surveillanceа а а ааSpecial Needs Transportationа а

ааParatransit Vehicle Cameraа а а а аWaste Collection Truck Cameraа а а а ааSteel Security Camera Cageа а а а аDriver Safety Cameras

а а а а а а аElderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportationа а а ааAlternative School &аJuvenile Detention Transportation Camerasа

ааPrisoner Inmate Transportation Camerasа а а а а а а а а аHigh Definition Vehicle Camera Surveillance Overviewааа а а

ааTransportation Ministry Youth Group Activitiesа а а а а а аBus Seat Vandalism Solutionа а ааа а аStop Arm Crossing Violation Cameraа

ааRear Vision Backup Camerasа а а а а а а а а аCity Metro Transit Bus Camerasа а а а а а а ааTransportation Ministry Youth Activity Bus Cameraа аа а а

Paddy Wagon Prisoner / Inmate Transport Safety Camera Systemа а а а а а а а а аааCS1 Spotter” 5th Wheel King Pin Camera

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Digital Mobile Video Solutions Links:

American Bus Video Camera Solutions

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Vehicle Video Cameras

Fleet Driver Risk Management

Digital Mobile Video Application Links:

School Bus Child Safety Surveillance Cameras

Armored Vehicle Security Digital Witness Surveillance System

Limousine VIP Executive Transport Surveillance Digital Witness Solution

Taxi Cab Shuttle Transit Onboard Digital Witness Safety Camera

Special Needs Child Transport Bus Video Observation Camera Solutions

Waste Collection Safety Surveillance Digital Expert Witness Camera

Paratransit Passenger Safety Observation Surveillance Solution

Driver Safety Surveillance Video Observation Cameras

Transportation Ministry Youth Group Activities Vision Safety Camera System

Stop Arm Camera License Plate Capture HD Solution

School Bus or Transit Bus Ceiling Camera

School Bus or Transit Bus Seat Vandalism

Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation

Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Transportation Cameras

Heavy Duty Forklift Boom, Crane, Pallet Truck Operator Vision Safety Camera System

Police Prisoner Inmate In-Custody Transport Surveillance Expert Witness Camera

City Metro Transit Bus Cameras

CS1 Spotter 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer Switcher Camera

Forklift Skid Wheel Loader Operator Safety Camera

Forklift & Skid Wheel LoaderаOperator Safety Impact & Tilt Alarm

Private Service Student Contractor Charter Bus Camera Compliance

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